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  • 29 N. River Street
  • Batavia
  • United States

If, as men and women, we only knew how to communicate

with each other, our love lives would be more joyful and our lives

happier in every way. Because we don't know the facts and

differences between men and women, we try mind-reading, silence,

repeating ourselves to feel heard. It can leave

us feeling frustrated and unhappy.

There's GOOD NEWS!! Come learn a few facts about men and

women's brains, needs and ways to talk with other that WILL work!

It's not rocket science, but knowing more about each other will

give you a big advantage if you are single and looking for love

or want to feel closer to the one you're with.

$33/person or $50/couple. RSVP is required. Please call 630-425-3340 or email

shoptheteatree@gmail.com to reserve your seat(s). A definite must for the New Year and

the “love” holiday.