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Bergamot- This essential oil which is also known as sunshine oil. It helps to ensure that energy flows freely throughout the body and helps to care for emotionally based issues. 

Lavender- Lavender has been graded as one of the best essential oils for relaxation and health. This is because of the pharmacological benefits and the rich natural ingredients inherent in it. It helps in relieving stress and aids in giving a good night sleep. Also, it soothes and heals muscle cramps, helps to put the mind at a state of rest.

Vetiver- Vetiver oil is sweet and woody with a smoky fragrance and is often used to treat people with trauma. It has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system and is used in aromatherapy for reducing the effects of emotional stress, shock, panic attacks, insomnia, hysteria and depression.

Ylang Ylang- This essential oil has great benefits to heart health. It resolves issues such as palpitations of the heart, eases the body tension and helps to balance the hormones of the body.

Chamomile- Chamomile is well known for its sleep promoting properties in tea. As an essential oil, its wonderful calming properties can help in reducing anger and anxiety. 

Frankincense- this is one of the best options in putting the body and soul at ease. This beautifully fragranced oil works against various forms of irritation and lack of sleep. It works wonders to help relieve tense nerves and exhaustion. 

Orange- It is a great essential oil for relaxation as it helps to calm the mind, ease stress and put frustration at bay.