The True Spice of Life


Even if you have never been there, I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that the Tea Tree is known for Tea. But if you in fact have not had the chance to visit in the Batavia store front in person yet… well, first of all, crawl out from that rock that you are living under! In all seriousness, though, the Tea Tree is home to many more items other than just tea- spices being one of them.  


Besides being completely GMO free, The Tea Tree spices are all purchased from small farms, which is pretty cool. They are also incredibly unique- something that you might not find at other shops. Rest assured that the store owner, Missi, keeps all the basic spices on hand, but I can also pretty much guarantee that you will find some seasonings and flavors that you may have never seen before. Enter one of my true loves, CHICAGO JOE.


I don’t know about all of you, but once I find a spice that I like to cook with, I tend to use it ALL. THE. TIME. That’s why I had to write about the true spice of life that is Chicago Joe, and in my opinion, one of my favorite products at The Tea Tree. Chicago Joe goes on everything. I mean literally everything. If you are looking for a spice that you can put on steak, seafood, pork, chicken, pasta and even EGGS… this would be your guy. I am not kidding about the eggs, either. When Missi recommended that I try it on eggs, I have to admit that I thought she was a little off her rocker. But let me tell you… as a girl who eats eggs every single morning, this garlic-pepperesque-but-oh-so-much-more seasoning really adds a new spin to them and allows me to change it up a bit when the everyday eggs get a little monotonous.  


Besides being completely delicious and having the ability to take your pork chop from drab to fab, Chicago Joe comes along with a lot of health benefits, too. Garlic has been shown to aid in the reduction cholesterol and regulate blood pressure and is also known to boost the immune system. So you read it here, folks: Using Chicago Joe on your food might even help you fight the common cold.


This unique spice makes a great gift, and you can be almost certain that the recipient will be getting something new and fun to play around with in the kitchen. I myself have bought it for every single one of my siblings, and they are all asking for more whenever they run out. They are all top of the charts as far as cholesterol and blood pressure go, too… coincidence? I think not. Ok, fine… that last part was made up, but everyone really does love the stuff. So do yourself a favor- spice up your Saturday with a trip to The Tea Tree. And whatever you do, don’t leave without the Chicago Joe.

Liz Hartmann is a DIY blogger and Home Stager from North Aurora. You can find her at , www.misslizzystaging, and @misslizzystaging on social media.