With the warm weather upon us, and spring finally here, we just can’t seem to get our head out of the clouds, dreaming about all the fun that the new season will bring. Last week we talked about how essential oils can help with many of your spring-cleaning needs, and this week is no different in regard to speaking of spring. This week however, I’m going to share a much more enjoyable topic than cleaning. I’m talking about cocktails.

As the temperatures warm up, we will hopefully find ourselves enjoying the outdoors more and more, and may even be able to grill out in the near future. As for me, refreshing cocktails and grilling out kind of go hand in hand. You may not realize it, but all the different balsamic flavors at The Tea Tree make excellent additions to said cocktails. I came up with a couple of wonderful drink recipes using The Tea Tree’s Peach Balsamic that I will share below. Now, I did my research on this topic, and like any good researcher, I did some trial and error for myself. The first recipe is the perfect delicious treat for a patio party or for a springtime brunch. For those of you looking for something with a little more bite, go ahead and give the second a whirl. So, without further ado… enjoy!

Refreshing Peach Bellini (serves about 4)


¾ to 1 cup Tea Tree Peach Balsamic

16 oz bag of frozen peaches

1 bottle sparkling wine or Prosecco

Fresh raspberries


Combine peach balsamic with frozen peaches in a blender. Pour over Prosecco/Sparkling wine and

garnish with raspberries.

Refreshing Peach Blend (Serves about 4)


4-5 oz vodka of choice

¾ cup Tea Tree Peach Balsamic

½ can (6 oz) sparkling water

4-5 oz Prosecco

16 oz bag frozen peaches

Fresh raspberries


Combine vodka, peach balsamic, and frozen peaches in a blender. Mix sparkling water and Prosecco

and pour over blended peach mixture. Garnish with raspberries.

Cheers to warmer temperatures and delicious cocktails!

Liz Hartmann is a DIY blogger and Home Stager from North Aurora. You can find more of her at ww.misslizdidit.com, www.misslizzystaging.com, and on social media at @misslizdidit